Gina Olaya, Wilma Mankiller’s youngest daughter, grew up around the family’s ancestral homeland known as Mankiller Flats in Adair County, Oklahoma. Reared amongst her cultural ancestors, Ms. Olaya grew up understanding the ways of old, while firmly planting herself within corporate America.  As the director for tribal & community relation and organizing cultural art procurement for Cherokee Nation businesses, Ms. Olaya has dedicated more than a decade to increasing the quality of life and the understanding of culture for Cherokees living within the 14-counties of the Cherokee Nation, which are located in Northeastern Oklahoma. 

The survivor of multiple health challenges, Ms. Olaya is also keenly aware of the need to create a healthier environment for all of humanity.

Ms. Olaya resides in Tahlequah with her husband, Solomon Bortz.

Felicia olaya

Felicia Olaya is Wilma Mankiller’s oldest daughter.  She is a former member of Chief Chad Smith’s administration and is a proud Cherokee stomp dancer. She and her family reside in Oklahoma where they are heavily involved in the Cherokee way of life.